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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit

Choosing the air conditioning unit for your home or business is harder than you might think. If you are unfamiliar with the types of systems that are available and the requirements for each, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

With a bit of guidance found in this blog, hopefully you will be on your way to choosing the unit that is right for you. Of course, you can also contact McMackin Mechanical for a free estimate and expert advice on what might be best for your building.

Bonus Tip: The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act includes federal rebates for the installation of energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Head to to view what’s available and how to qualify for rebates up to 2,000.00!

Air Conditioning Units Available

There are many ways to cool the air. Which one makes the most sense for your home or business?

There are geothermal systems, heat pumps, ductless mini splits and central air conditioning systems (ducted.) You’ll want to research which system makes the most sense for you based on your buildings current setup and your budget. For instance, if you already have forced hot air for your heating systems, it’s easy enough to tap into those same ducts for your air conditioning. While this isn’t the most energy efficient way to cool your home, it may certainly be the most cost effective when it comes to installation.

Cooling Capacity

BTUs is the measurement commonly used to measure the power of a heating or cooling system. The larger the BTU rating, the larger the space it can effectively heat or cool. Having a system that is too small or too big can wear down the system prematurely.


McMackin Mechanical Air ConditioningYou may also want to consider how much energy you’d like to consume. Heat pumps, as an example, are extremely efficient and can save you thousands of dollars over its lifespan. Energy ratings also vary from brand to brand and the cost of the equipment varies quite a bit. You’ll need to measure installation costs against long term energy consumption costs and make the choice that makes the most sense for your budget and lifestyle.

McMackin Mechanical has years of experience guiding clients through the decision-making process. Whether you are building a new home or looking to upgrade the heating and cooling in a historic home, we’ve done it all and can help you make the right choice. Installing an air conditioning system is a significant investment and we want you to be thrilled with the result once we are finished with your project.

If you are considering a new or replacement air conditioning system for your home or business, give McMackin Mechanical a call. Our technicians are standing by to assist you.

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