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McMackin Mechanical Company changes how HVAC and Plumbing services are performed by tackling every scheduled and emergency service quickly, professionally, and at a great value. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable, trustworthy, best valued plumbing and HVAC services available.

Ready to Get Started on an Installation or Repair, or have an Emergency?


Repairing or replacing a heating system does not have to break your budget, and you do not have to settle for second-rate services.

Air Conditioning

We service and install air conditioning systems of all types and sizes. Have an emergency? Call us today for lightning fast service.


Our dependability coupled with our quality service makes us a trusted source of plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers in the Doylestown area.

Water Heaters

Whether you have an electric, natural gas, tankless or hybrid heat pump setup on your property, we have you covered.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Experience the luxury of heated floors as well as its potential energy savings. We’ve been installing radiant heat floors for years. Call today for a free estimate.

Sump Pumps

McMackin Mechanical has years of experience installing and servicing sump pump and backup sump pump systems. Protect your home and its contents with a dependable sump pump system.

Well and Septic Services

No water or low pressure are obvious signs of an issue. Should you ever experience these issues or have problems with your waste systems, including leaks and septic issues,  our team offer quick and reliable service should any home system fail.

Gas Piping

Gas piping experts provide safe, effective, and efficient solutions for appliances that use gases for fuel/heat. This includes natural gas and propane.

The Only Fujitsu Elite Contractor in Doylestown.

Fujitsu Elite Contractors are distinguished from other contractors because of the premier level of training they’ve earned, and the support and service the provide to their customers. They are also able to extend additional benefits to their clients.

Doylestown PA Area HVAC Company

Efficient. Quiet. Perfect.

Often called mini split or ductless cooling systems, variable refrigerant heat pump systems are the perfect way to manage the climate in your home. With many sizes, configurations, and features, there is a perfect solution for any home.

  • Efficient units cool/heat faster than duct systems
  • Wall mounted units are whisper quiet
  • Take back your windows from clunky, seasonal window units
  • Attractive designs
  • Can be installed most anywhere

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