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Sump Pumps

McMackin Mechanical Sump Pumps; Repair and InstallationSump Pumps are a common component of your home’s mechanics. Designed to help collect and pump water out of a basement after heavy rains or a water leak, having a sump pump can be the difference between costly and devastating damage to your home and personal property and a minor issue.

These systems are seen in both old and new homes and with finished or unfinished basements. They can be powered by electricity or water, so you can keep your home protected even during a power outage.

Sump pumps can also make a huge different in air quality. Many homes are located in flood prone areas and some older homes may experience somewhat frequent water and moisture in their basement. Any area that remains wet for a long period of time has the potential to grow mold. These mold spores can cause illness and can even be life threatening if bad enough.

McMackin Mechanical has years of experience installing and serving sump pump systems. They will be able to determine the best course of action for your home, determine the right setup and pump size for your home and ensure that it is working effectively at all times.

A sump pump creates great peace of mind and is relatively cheap insurance compared to the damage a flooded basement can cause to property and other vital mechanical systems in your home’s basement.

Interested in learning more about sump pumps or need yours serviced? Give us a call!


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