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McMackin Mechanical Heating Systems Summer Maintenance

Heating System Repairs In the Summer?

Summer temperatures are here, which means that many homeowners are no longer thinking about their home heating systems. That being said, now is a great time to perform maintenance on your heating systems to ensure you are prepared for the next change in season.

What does this entail? This blog explores how to maintain your heating system during the summer months.

Change your Filters

Filters are a necessary and inexpensive way to maintain your heating system. Dirty filters choke a system, making it work significantly harder to move air through your home.  Keep in mind also that open windows during the spring months invite heavy pollen and other debris into your home which the filters will need to remove. Always check your filters.

Annual Service for Heating Systems

Now is a great time to get your furnace cleaned and inspected. This helps accomplish several things. First, it gets your annual service and cleaning over with while heating techs have the time. Most people turn their heat on during the first cold spell and all the lingering issues rear their heads at once, putting a strain on HVAC providers. Second, you can work on your system, identify issues and plan for repairs/costs rather than scrambling to get repairs done quickly or trying to secure funding for what may end up being a costly repair. This way, you can give yourself time to schedule out any repairs or a replacement of your system.

Duct Maintenance

If you have a forced air system, now is a great time to reseal and insulate furnace ducts to improve efficiency. Look for any issues such as loose insulation or areas that are not insulated at all.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps heat and cool your home, which means that spring and fall are great times to have your system looked at. Don’t put off their maintenance so that there is time to get scheduled and to address repairs before you really need the system back up and running.

Invest in New

Now is a great time to consider replacing your older equipment with new. Overall availability will be at its highest during the summer months when demand drops. Attractive government incentives have also come into effect, providing tax credits for energy efficient systems that you install in your home.

McMackin Mechanical is your go to provider for all things HVAC for the Doylestown and greater Bucks County area. If you are interested in having your heating system serviced, our team of techs are standing by. Give our office called and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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