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Bad Sounds From Your AC That You Should Pay Attention To

We’re used to listening for sounds as signs that something might be wrong with something. A car is a classic example – Clanking, squealing and knocking are tell-tale signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance. An air conditioner can make several similar sounds that when caught early, can help to avoid serious damage and a costly repair or replacement. This blog reviews some of the sounds to listen for and what they might mean.

Some of the Good Sounds

Before we get into the bad sounds, let’s review some of the good sounds that should not cause alarm. The whir of the fan and the humming of the air compressor are signs that your air conditioner is working. You can also hear a click as the air conditioner powers down. Again, this is normal operation.

However, when these sounds are accompanied or replaced by these other sounds, consider calling an experienced HVAC company to diagnose and treat any issues.

Rattling Sound

A rattling sound can be made from something as simple as a loose panel. It could also mean that something is loose or slowly becoming loose. Either can stop the operation of your air conditioner as a safety measure. While it may see simple enough to find and fix, you should seek professional service as the issue may be caused by damage or something more chronic, like excessive vibration.

Hissing and Bubbling Sounds

Hissing and bubbling sounds are a sign that something very serious could be wrong with your air conditioning unit. A common cause of these sounds is a leaky refrigerant line. Liquid and gas refrigerants can cause a drop in pressure and can inflict serious damage. Shut the AC off and contact a local professional right away.

Excessive Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds beyond the system powering down could be caused by an electrical problem. Always serious, electrical issues should be handled by a professional before issues become dangerous and catastrophic to your system.

Clanking Sounds

Clanking sounds can be caused by the fan and/or blower assembly. A loose fan or misaligned/damaged blades can create this sound and can be symptomatic of other, more serious issues. If your fan is not working correctly, it can also mean your system’s efficiency and ability to cool itself are compromised.

Grinding and Squealing Sounds

Grinding and squealing is typically a sign that a motor is about to fail. Ball bearings and other components start to seize and/or rust and it’s only a matter or time before your air conditioner stops working. In the meantime, your air conditioning unit’s efficiency can be suffering.

Don’t run your air conditioning system on borrowed time. No one wants to be uncomfortable. Ensure that your system is functioning well and free from major issues by having it professionally serviced. McMackin Mechanical has years of experience diagnosing and repairing air conditioners for both residential and commercial clients.

Are you hearing noises from your air conditioning unit? Give our office a call and we’ll schedule a service right away.


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