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Replacement Strategies McMackin Mechanical

Planning for Heating or Cooling Unit Replacements

When it comes to kitchen appliances, cars and computers, nothing lasts forever. After years of wear and tear, these systems inevitably break down and need to be replaced. The primary issue is that these are items that we rely on day in and day out to keep our lives moving forward and when they fail, a replacement is never fun, cheap or in any way convenient.

The same is true for HVAC equipment. We rely on our heating and cooling systems every day. When they fail, it’s not only inconvenient, but it could be dangerous. For example, losing heat in the middle of winter can mean dangerously low temperatures in your home, and could even result in broken pipes that will only exacerbate the problem.

There are steps you can take to ensure that the inevitable is put off as long as possible, but that when it does happen, you are prepared.

Maintain Your Systems

Maintenance is key to keeping your HVAC systems running. Just like with your car, these units need occasional checkups to ensure their reliability and efficiency. It also helps with longevity so that you do not have the replace your systems as often.

Understand Your Systems

There are correct and incorrect ways of running your HVAC systems. Understand how your systems operate and when to use them will go a long way to ensuring your systems last as long as possible.

Save for the Inevitable

A savings plan can go a long way in reducing the sting of replacing a system. The cost of replacing a heating or cooling system depends on what it is, how much the technology has changed, and the amount of labor involved. The best advice here is to be realistic. If you have a 10 year old furnace, assume that you will have the replace it within 10 years (assuming it’s well cared for.) If your system is already giving your problems with efficiency and reliability, start getting a plan together.

If you do not have the cash on hand to pay for the replacement, consider all avenues for financing. This can include credit, a loan, home equity line of credit, etc. Research all avenues and/or consult a financial professional to see what might be best for you.

When Buying a Home

If you’re purchasing a home, ensure that all your HVAC systems are properly inspected. A failing system should be caught before the sale and factored into any negotiation. Ask for service records as proof that the system/s have been well cared for.

Some property sales can come with warranties and HVAC units may be covered. If you are unsure about the condition of one or more systems in your home, consider asking for or obtaining a home warranty.

Work with a Reputable HVAC Company

When it comes to maintenance, repairs and replacements, work with a reputable HVAC company to ensure that the systems you have now will work for as long as they should. They can also show you the signs that your systems are starting to fail and when you might want to plan on getting a replacement scheduled. A good company will ensure that you are well prepared for when the time comes to replace a heating or cooling system.

McMackin Mechanical is a premier HVAC service provider, specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems for the Doylestown and greater Bucks County area. If you believe your system needs to be replaced, or if you would like a second opinion, give our office a call and a member of our team will be happy to schedule an appointment. We also offer financing for our customers. Click here for details.

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