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McMackin Mechanical Heating Efficiently This Winter

Heating Your Home Efficiently This Winter

Few people are taught how to use their thermostats to heat their homes the right way. Many resort to adjusting their thermostats up or down based on how they happen to feel at that moment. Heating your home this way is inefficient and can lead to higher heating bills, more maintenance and, ultimately, less comfort. As heating costs skyrocket, even the slightest adjustment can mean significant savings.

We’ll explain how to program your thermostat as well as other tips and tricks to keep you comfortable this winter.

Steady as She Goes

Thermostats do not work like gas pedals. In other words, raising the heat way up does not heat your living space faster. The thermostat simply tells the heating unit to turn on and off. Keeping your thermostat set at a consistent temperature allows for an even baseline for your heating system to achieve and maintain.

Programmable or smart thermostats are great for helping to keep that steady baseline. You can keep a lower temperature during the day and then set a new, higher baseline in the evening while you are home.

Keeping your temperature steady not only helps with efficiency but limits all the cycling that your heating system goes through. The constant on and off creates unnecessary wear and tear on your system and its parts.

Lower Your Temperature Settings

Obviously, keeping your thermostat lower helps to cut down on the use of your heat and actually helps to keep your heat longer. This is because heat wants to rise and escape. The hotter the air is, the quicker it wants to try and escape. As you raise your temperature on your thermostat, it becomes that much harder to achieve those high numbers. The diminished returns may not be worth the extra few degrees, especially when a hoodie or a throw blanket might do the trick.

Optimize Your Heating Schedule

Lowering your thermostat while you are out of the house is a great way to save on energy costs. More sophisticated / smart thermostats even have a night schedule, allowing you to lower your thermostat while you are asleep and under a blanket.

Everything Else

It’s also worth adding to the overall energy efficiency of your home to keep heat in and reduce strain on your heating utilities. Window insulation, draft guards on your doors and wall insulation can mean significant energy savings.

If you’re using your oven, keep the door to the oven cracked when you’re done to allow all that heat to radiate out.

Wear layers during the day. If wearing a hoodie or a warmer pair of socks means lowering your home’s temperature by a couple degrees, the savings can be huge over the course of the season.

Lastly, ensure your heating systems are well maintained and optimized for the season. Ensure that they are cleaned and in good working order. If you have filters, change them to increase air flow and efficiency. You’re shooting yourself in the foot by feeding energy into your heating system and not getting the optimal output. If you’re furnace or boiler is not keeping up with demand or you notice your bills going up, reach out to an experienced HVAC company to have your system assessed.

McMackin Mechanical has years of experience installing and maintaining heating systems. Get the most out of your energy budget this winter by speaking with one of our specialists. We can set you up with a better, programmable or smart thermostat, add zones to your home and/or perform expert maintenance on your heating utility to ensure you and your family are warm this winter while softening the blow on your wallet.

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