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McMackin Mechanical Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

As with most other major appliances and systems in your home, your whole home air conditioner or heat pump should receive regular maintenance. Much of this maintenance can be performed by the homeowner and can go a long way when it comes to avoiding costly repairs and extending the life of your equipment.

In our latest blog, we list the money saving steps you can take to ensure you that you are not only cool and comfortable all summer long but save your wallet from costly repairs.

Check the System Components

McMackin Mechanical Air Conditioner MaintenanceBefore you start your air conditioner or heat pump for the first time, give all components a visual inspection. If your unit is in a crawl space or attic, make sure that nothing has fallen on it, such as any stored items, insulation, etc. This will help with air flow and ensure that your unit does not overheat.

For outside components, make sure any winter covers are removed, that the immediate area is free of leaves or other debris. Look inside the unit and ensure that nothing is blocking the coils or might prevent the fan from turning.

Check System Controls

Before it gets too hot, it’s important to turn on your air conditioning unit and test that the system starts, runs, and turns off correctly. If the unit is not cooling, is making noise or not behaving as expected, you should have the unit serviced before more damage is caused.

Check Thermostat Setting and Set a Schedule

If no one is in your home or apartment in the middle of the day, it makes sense to lower or even turn off your unit so that you are not wasting energy and clocking run time. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it so that it turns off in the morning and turns back on just before you typically come home.

If you can afford them, smart thermostats accomplish this goal by learning your habits and adjusting your home’s temperature automatically.

Pro tip: Many energy companies now offer incentives and rebates for buying smart thermostats. Check with your utility company to see if they are running incentives.

Check Electrical Connections

Ensure that all your electrical connections remain tight over time. Vibrations along with seasonal expansion and contraction can loosen your connections. Broken connections will cause your system to lose power and faulty connections can harm its circuitry and overall lifespan. If you are not comfortable with this task, call to schedule a service appointment or join an annual maintenance plan.

Proper Lubrication

Air conditioners have several moving parts that will work better with proper lubrication. When parts are not properly lubricated, the friction causes the air conditioning unit to work harder, thus lowering its lifespan and using up more energy to keep up.

Check Condensate Drains

Air conditioners produce condensate as it pulls humidity out of the air. That water needs somewhere to go and it’s not uncommon for drains to clog. A clogged drain can result in water damage to your home.

Change Your Filters

As always, ensure that your filters are being replaced regularly per system requirements. Clean filters greatly increase the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system and reduces the chance of costly repairs.

McMackin Mechanical is Doylestown’s premier HVAC company. We offer maintenance plans and fast, professional service to help keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months.

Interested in joining our maintenance plan or need to schedule an inspection on your systems? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to schedule your appointment.

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